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Both of our sellers were happy to share their favorite places to shop. Often the prices are deeply discounted on the last day of the sale, and you can acquire a large number of books for not very much money — plus you can feel good about supporting the library. I also routinely check Craigslist, where people often sell books low-cost or give them away. You have to be careful going that route, though. A few times I've gone out of my way to pick up a free lot, only to find that the books have been stored in the basement and are hopelessly moldy.

A good library book sale can be among the most lucrative sources. The best sources are the oddball ones you weren't looking for, like professors leaving thousands of books outside the Engineering building the last day of the semester. When asked to share what new sellers should look for when scouting books.

After 6 months of selling books on Amazon, this is how much I made.

Fancy collector's editions are generally worth the trouble of selling if you pay the right price for them, but most of the time, they aren't worth what you might think. Unless you know for a fact that a book is worth money, be extremely cautious about overpaying. The same thing applies to first editions — I've acquired many firsts that only ended up being worth two or three dollars, so don't let that fool you unless you're familiar with a particular title. Also, it's ironic, but in general, you want to avoid bestsellers. There are so many copies in existence that the used book markets are often flooded with them.

I also tend to pick up books I've sold before — first, because I will already have a listing created, which saves me some time, and second, because I know it did sell, and believe me, there are plenty of books that don't. Finally, consider your marketplace and how you will be creating your listings. It takes me less time to list individual books in a series than it does totally separate titles, so I will tend to favor those when I'm buying in bulk.

I always ask interviewees for their favorite tools necessary for conducting business. You are in luck if interested in starting a book reselling business. Peter says you just need a smartphone and barcode scanner to get started. Lori keeps up to date on scheduled book sales at Booksalefinder. If this all sounds like way too much work to make a few bucks, I personally trade-in a lot of my old books and free books I run into. With the Amazon Trade-In Program , they will give you store credit in exchange for your used books. And I sell a dozen or more of these, every day.

These are the prices Amazon Prime members are willing to pay — if you let them. PS: I have an extensive video course on maximizing your profits through superior pricing: Pricing Mastery. Related Comments Hi Peter,. How do you compete against this?

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If you had a book that was priced at 3. What if there are multiple sellers? Your opinion on this would be greatly valued! If an item is ranked very well roughly 30, or better , depending on my mood I may acquire it, price high, and wait for the lowball seller to sell out.

You have great information. You are very tough on us new FBA sellers. I have priced low and left money on the table out of ignorance of not understanding FBA not because i am trying to make this another job. I buy your ebooks to get help not to be bashed for trying to get a sale. With your information i will get the sale with a larger price. All the Best Misty. I have probably too much long tail stuff, so I am trying to focus from here out on rank under 1 mil and quicker turnover.

Any comments or recommendations would be great. I am buying your new book today, and I have really appreciated all your articles and have been inspired by many of them. Just last week I dropped in on a small local library, that had a whole room of books for sale, after reading your article about the same. Thanks again, Ed. For example, if a book is ranked K or less, is 5 6. Do you still list at 9. Or pass….

It all comes down to the sales rank. Amazon does not change their rules and policies as often as eBay, so once you learn them they are easy to understand and follow. Once you log into Seller Central, you can access this page that has the overall Amazon policy agreement. To find specific policies on selling, log into Seller Central and click on the help button. Then type Amazon policy into the search bar.

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When the page comes up, look in the left-hand column and you will see a detailed list of the various policies related to all of your Amazon activities. Amazon also has a great resources page for FBA sellers. Log into Seller Central first and use this link to access the resources. When the buyer clicks on one of the results, the page that comes up is the buy box.

If someone is selling the same item as you are on Amazon, think of creative ways to create a unique product bundle. For example, one of the products I sell is a set of three different tools used by espresso machine owners.

By creating a bundle of three different items all sold separately on Amazon , I created a unique item and win the buy box every time until someone copies me, which sometimes happens. You can also combine products to create a unique item.

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This is a set of 4 kitchen knives I bundled together with a knife sharpener. You can combine almost anything to create unique product bundles. The one rule, however, is if you create a bundle that includes a media item such as a book or a DVD, you cannot list it in the media category and you cannot combine media products with other media products. The final item Amazon looks at to determine the buy box is your account metrics.

Because of that, I dominate the buy box on this item. Answer Customer Communications quickly — When you get a question from a customer, Amazon wants you to answer it within 24 hours and if you do not, that is a demerit against your account.

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You can see customer questions in your Seller Central just to the left of the page, and you can set up your account so customer questions are forwarded to your email. That way you can answer them even if you are not currently working on Amazon. With smart phones you can even answer them from your phone. If you are merchant fulfilling ship all orders within 1 business day and always enter the tracking information — Amazon requires you to state the handling time for all products and to meet that expectation.

Not doing so can lead to losing featured seller status, and if your numbers are really bad, you can lose your account. When you do this, if the item you are selling is in the Amazon, it will bring up a pre-populated listing. But, it is your responsibility to make sure the item you are selling is the exact same item as listed on Amazon. This happened to me a couple of years ago. I bought some home security camera systems from a liquidation outlet.

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Unbeknownst to me, the reason the manufacturer sold to the liquidator was they had improved the item by adding a recordable disk drive but they did not change the UPS code. So, I listed my item and when it sold I got every one of them returned along with a couple of bad feedbacks. It is your responsibility to make sure that what you are selling on Amazon is exactly like the product in the listing. Describe products accurately — This may seem like a no-brainer, but believe me if there is even the slightest difference between the product you are delivering and what you describe in your listing, customers will notice.

This will lead to returns, negative feedback and account suspension warnings from Amazon. Ask for Feedback — Amazon buyers seldom leave feedback unless you ask them. I currently use Kilby. This is a third-party service that automatically sends out an email to each customer telling that if there is anything whatsoever wrong with the transaction to let us know and give us a chance to fix it.

The emails are sent out automatically and contain a link for your buyer to click on and leave feedback. After 5 years on Amazon, my feedback was still under My feedback is now over And those emails helped me prevent several negative feedback situations when customers contacted me first before leaving feedback. Use Larger Images and Follow Amazon Image Guidelines — Amazon now requires images to be at least pixels on a side in certain categories and encourages it in all categories. The reason is the large size allows for buyers to use the zoom feature. Amazon also has other rules for their main image including that the product be shown on a plain white background.

Log into Seller Central and click here to see the entire listing of Amazon image guidelines. So most sellers use an automated service to boost these results. Amazon now has very strict rules related to soliciting seller feedback and product reviews. It is important you use a service that follows these policies, or Amazon may shut down your account. My favorite service for doing this is Kilby. This way you minimize the time items are in storage and therefore tracking storage fees.

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This also means you have less cash tied up in inventory at any one time.