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What remains silent and unseen?

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How can one grasp the overarching cultural, social, and political meanings of this image? And finally, what does it tell us about the connections between gender, sexuality, and war? Issue: 3 Volume: 26 Page Numbers: p. View on utexaspressjournals. Qu'est-ce qui les a conduites au camp de concentration? Qu'est-ce qui les y fit rester six ans et demi? Mais les deux font souvent route ensemble. Perspectives transnationales more. The field of Gender Studies has developed almost entirely independently from scholarship on sexual violence during the Holocaust, and scholars representing these distinct yet related traditions rarely engage in collaborative discourse The field of Gender Studies has developed almost entirely independently from scholarship on sexual violence during the Holocaust, and scholars representing these distinct yet related traditions rarely engage in collaborative discourse.

While Gender Studies scholars have developed increasingly sophisticated approaches to the investigation of war, military organizations and militarism, with few exceptions they have remained silent about the Holocaust. In turn, although social, cultural and military historians increasingly cross disciplinary boundaries and interrogate the Holocaust from a gendered perspective, they have tended not to engage with Gender Studies scholarship.

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This workshop addresses the relationship between sexual violence and military culture in the Holocaust and beyond, and seeks to integrate scholarship on gender, militarism and the Holocaust. Participants from political science, history, critical military studies, anthropology, gender studies and journalism will analyze military bonding, peer pressure, hazing, and other related topics in the context of sexual violence and war.

By revisiting a broad array of case studies and sources we examined in an interdisciplinary setting the contours of group cohesion, male bonding, women and war. Even though combat and killing may be seen as male domains, armed conflict always profoundly alters the contours of gender relations, both within and between the sexes. Gender Studies and Critical Military Studies. Gewalt in der Geschichtswissenschaft more. Gewalt and historische Gewaltforschung.

National Socialism as a movement and mode of exercising power generated a new set of relationships between the sexes that can only be understood by using categories of race and class. The context of the war and National Socialist policies of race and colonization are elements of primordial importance, which radically modified the relationship between the sexes in occupied Poland General Government. This article is shaped around the discussion of three recent works of research: Elizabeth Harvey, in her study Women and the Nazi East.

Agents and Witnesses of Germanization, published in English in , examines the way that women participated in the National Socialist policy of colonization. Although the commanding roles largely remained in the hands of men, with women occupying subaltern positions, all three studies demonstrate that German women in the most diverse stations and levels found themselves endowed with considerable power to act and to give orders Heinrich Popitz.

In the context of National Socialist domination, violence represented for women an entirely concrete mode of action that was used in multiple ways. Taking as an example the three groups of women studied, this contribution first proposes to analyze the lives and experiences of women before their engagement in the war; secondly, the article examines the behavior and concrete spaces of action of women working in the occupied territories of the East, in order to determine in the third section the individual responsibility of women in the Nazi occupation, persecutions and murders.

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In this article, we propose a complementary perspective, undoubtedly marginal, but which nonetheless has relevance: in postulating the existence of margins of maneuver for socio-historical actors, we develop the concept of the act of initiative through which it becomes possible to understand the practices of cruelty in a sociological framework.

In closely following the trajectory of an SS officer, Otto Moll, we articulate the evolving structural frameworks passage from peace to war, from the German Reich to the European Reich , the institutional specificities of the camps studied from concentration camps to extermination camps , and finally the professional and social path of the executioner understood not only through the logic of his career, but also in terms of his individual agency and even creativity that spurred his particular acts of cruelty.

Cruelty , Concentration Camps , and Research on Perpetrators. Many female SS overseers in Majdanek perpetrated violence and terrorized prisoners not only when ordered to do so but also on their own initiative. The social order of the concentration camp, combined with individual propensities, shaped a microcosm in which violence became endemic to workaday life. Violence , Holocaust Studies , Nazism , Gender based violence: Assessment and treatment issues with perpetrators and victims , and Concentration Camps.

A specialist: the daily work of Ehrich Muhsfeldt, chief of the crematorium at Majdanek concentration and extermination camp, Destruction and human remains investigates a crucial question frequently neglected in academic debate in the fields of mass violence and genocide studies: what is done to the bodies of the victims after they are killed? In the context of To address these seldom-documented phenomena, this volume includes chapters based on extensive primary and archival research to explore why, how and by whom these acts have been committed through recent history.

Genocide and Mass Violence. Everyday life in Nazi Germany. A Forum more. Since the s, historians of everyday life have investigated many different periods of German history, but none so much as the Nazi era. It seems fitting then to focus this Forum on the brown elephant in the room. The contributors have been asked to think about how the history of everyday life has altered our interpretations of the Third Reich in particular and modern German history more broadly.

But rather than starting with a framing question from the moderator, we begin instead with the sceptical doubts of a panellist. View on gh.

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Volksgemeinschaft — Ausgrenzungsgemeinschaft. Die Radikalisierung Deutschlands ab more. More Info: 4. Internationale Konferenz zur Holocaustforschung. View on bpb. Publisher: scans. View on continuumbooks. Work, Violence and Cruelty. Publisher: Hamburger Ed.

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Publication Date: Jan 1, Lebenslauf einer SS-Aufseherin more. Conference Presentations. Gender Studies , Berlin , and Topography. The goals of this roundtable were twofold: to produce a conversation that a engaged the scholarly work on everyday life that was already on the program at the GSA; and b took seriously the Alltag of the conference format as a space for and a subject of our own intellectual inquiry.

Each of the roundtable participants selected three GSA sessions to attend before this roundtable, and this subsequent discussion used as a starting point brief "reports" that each participant produced on the basis of the sessions they attended. They were asked to approach those sessions with interpretive lenses that drew on their own scholarship as well as the other conference conversations in which they have participated—in the hallways, at the tables of the book exhibit, or over dinner.

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View on networks. Even though warfare is seen as a genuinely male experience, armed conflicts always profoundly alter the contours of gender relations, both within and between the sexes. Studying the German case seems particularly significant as Germany Studying the German case seems particularly significant as Germany spurred a massive outbreak of violence throughout Europe. Whereas traditional military history has focused mainly on the strategic, logistical, tactical, and doctrinal aspects of war, recent critical approaches also consider socio-cultural dynamics and the everyday experiences of men and soldiers at war.

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These new methodologies recognize gender and sexuality as key categories of understanding how violence is perpetrated. By revisiting a broad array of sources and examining the contours of group cohesion and male bonding, these scholars study the ways in which the practices of manhood and identities were formed through the experience of war. Her description of the historical pervasiveness and social ubiquity of sexual violence in war and The Vietnam War, and twenty years later, the wars in the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda brought the pervasiveness and persistence of sexual violence in armed conflict in sharp focus.

Women and men have made their experiences of sexual violence in armed conflict public. Political and social practitioners have engaged with this phenomenon; it has been the subject of artistic and literary works, and the object of criminal prosecutions. An interdisciplinary scholarly field is now established. There is disagreement about the relationship of pre-war, wartime, and postwar circumstances, or the cultural and social models of gender that facilitate the perpetration of sexual violence.

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