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I've seen too much reduction of choice in the Office market. Word-processors are now mostly Word clones. The sooner LO turns its attentions towards cloning the good features of WordPerfect the better. I keep saying I'm going to get WP 6 working in emulation on my system, but my trouble at the moment is getting DosBox networking working so I can communicate from WP to the rest of the system Grow up. Besides, that's nonsense anyway since what's actually happening is that AOO and LO are competing for developers and bickering amongst each other.

And even when they don't I still don't see the point. Different implementations are bound to have all kinds of interoperability problems, which basically means that sooner or laters users will gravitate toward a single option since that's where you'll get the smallest amount of hassles. This sort of thing doesn't work monotonically. Just because a few options are better than a single one doesn't mean that having even more options is better still. You get all sorts of ill effects: interoperability problems, competition human resources etc. There is a sweet spot for the number of competing projects, and it's not at all clear we haven't exceeded that spot yet.

And in fact it seems unlikely: there are hardly enough resources to keep AOO going at all, let alone compete with LO in a meaningful way. Bugzilla has many great enhancements and feature requests yet to be implemented, some can not coexist due to the conflicting nature of the requests. So I and many others would dispute this "usually"-qualified assertion. Like so many other products, it was sabotaged by MS. Being first or last is irrelevant.

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Being a proponent of the American "dirty tricks" school of capitalism seems to be a pretty good tactic unless you're a European company - the European courts tend to take a far stronger line against it. Or ship an office suite that would reliably kill a pre-installed WordPerfect stone dead? That's not anecdotes. That's personal experience. And as I say - they were the dominant word processor at the time.

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I can't believe that was an accident Unfortunately, Novell waited for the Netscape trial to finish before pressing their own claims, and got timed out. They should have opened the case and asked the Judge to toll it until the DoJ case finished.

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I don't think that's true and even if it were, it doesn't seem particularly relevant. Bugzilla has nothing to do with this. In order to justify the existence of a fork with that sort of argument you show some feature that - cannot be implemented in LibreOffice because of technical reasons, or the direction the project is meant to take, or maintainability concerns etc. But for AOO I haven't seen any such reason.

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Please name one if you can or just admit that your argument doesn't apply. There's a sweet spot. Please argue why you think we haven't exceeded it yet. Sweet spot? Yes, so what? Again, here's the list of criteria for some feature F that would justify a fork: - it must be impossible to implement in LibreOffice, be it for technical or social or some other reason. Otherwise, it's clearly best to simply implement it there and be done with it, since you'll otherwise end up with dozens of office suites, each of which implements a different subset of the features any given user needs - it must be implementable in Apache OpenOffice in theory as well as practice.

Otherwise both alternatives won't have it, making neither product better in that respect If you cannot name such a feature, you failed to apply your argument to the situation at hand.

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In fact, it's easy to argue the other way around: MS's market share clearly indicates that interoperability issues, thin spreading of developer resources etc. Now I'm not saying that's actually the case, but you'll have to provide some sort of argument as to why this assessment of the situation is so much more likely to be wrong than your's if you want to be taken seriously.

It is a shame that LO also chose to implement it. There is no point in having two similar office suites. Each suite should aim to be unique instead of being yet another clone. Before competition and innovation can do their work, you have to have products that are reasonably complete and capable of competing, which requires they have adequate resources. If there are barely enough developers to develop one product, dividing them up in the spirit of encouraging innovation will just result in a bunch of incomplete, inadequate projects, not healthy competition.

And this will give the new project a new lease on life. This has allowed the other players in the game to have true IP provenance, as well as the ability to relicense things Who are the other players in the game, in your ecosystem, today? If LO would be the only other player in your ecosystem today, that would prove that your thoughts regarding the benefits of the ALv2 license compared to the licensing of LO would not be as relevant as you thought. In that case it would also be hard to see any benefits in AOO not being retired.

If companies in the AOO ecosystem do not want to use LO for IP provenance and licensing reasons, it should be easy for you to convince them to join forces and sponsor the development work required to give AOO a new lease on life. Speak for yourself please, and best not in a forum which values politeness and civilized behavior. It is language like this which would make me feel offended, belittled, angry, stubborn and uncompromising if I were part of AOO. Let's further examine that.

You are stating, quite openly, that your belief is that everyone hates AOO and wants it to die. It can be implied that they would do anything to help make it die. There is more than sufficient evidence out there that if someone wanted to believe that, they would be convinced of its truth. Now imagine you are an AOO developer. As with most FOSS developers the project s you work on are important to you.

You are personally involved with them. They are your "baby. In any case, the hate is, basically, somewhat unreasonable, but palpable.

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They want your baby to die. Would it be to "defend" your baby? With this world-view, it is really unreasonable that some people would go overboard and troll and basically "return the favor"? Which, of course, is then used by "the other side" to show how really nasty and ugly your baby is. Honestly think about it. And then to let me know if anyone remains surprised that things have turned out the way they have.

Some say that AOO is an embarrassment to Apache. I say this whole debacle is an embarrassment to the whole FOSS community. FOSS-haters are partying with joy at our stupidity and our hubris. And by "our" I mean ALL of us. I say this is just a normal project fork with people on both sides saying less-than-friendly things about each other. If there will ever be a decision that AOO will stop providing an office suite for end-users, then please transfer these assets to LO so that there will not be any confusion among OO users regarding the status of OO.

A lot of people have worked hard on trying to convince various users, companies and governments to use OO on Windows or even Linux desktops. The difference between the headlines "OO is dead" and "OO maintainership transferred to LO" can easily be millions of users - just imagine what might happen when someone tells a manager that he should migrate from OO to MS Office quickly because development of OO has officially ended and there will not even be security updates.

I agree with your other points, though. Bashing people for backing the wrong project is not useful or productive. I don't hate AOO. I just want to see the poor thing put out of its misery, because it's painful to watch at this point. We in the FOSS community tend to think that. The reality of the situation is the opposite. People who don't understand FOSS are not celebrating.

Most of them don't care. Most dislikers are not celebrating. Or seem to. A fairly large percentage of them would happily switch if that were no longer true.

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  • I can't think of any reason they'd be celebrating the squabbles. At most, I'd expect them to mutter "typical" under their breath. Or issue disclaimers saying "Rob does not speak for AOO"?