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So managing migration is truly global and now as the Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees are being finalised, the EU and other bodies really need to seize this moment to put the needs of children uprooted before national interests; commit to predictable cross-region action to keep children safe and families together and invest in countries like Niger and others in the Global South that take in far more refugees and migrants in a month than the Global North now does in an entire year. For most then the true paradise lost, is being uprooted from your home and your loved ones — especially for children alone.

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Tribute Sandile Dikeni, poet and storyteller who burned with anger and love and hope. Sections contain eternal punishments for unruly children, such as a classroom environment where "students" are quizzed with difficult riddles. Residents in this realm are a gnome named Werjil a guide, Matilda who punishes children who do not wash behind their ears by placing them in a spanking machine, and Temptation who attempted to tempt children with chocolate, cigarettes and amusement park rides.

When Jimmy was in this realm, he was saved by Temptation by a powerful being calling himself Will Power [9]. This land is filled with humans that resemble those of Chinese descent but speak with a stereotypical Chinese accent that would be considered racist by today's standards. This realm is the home of Wump Jump and his family. It was briefly terrorized by the Black Dragons an army of men made out of coco-butter that resembled Imperial Japanese soldiers that rode in massive flame shooting tanks that resembled black dragons.

They were stopped by Wump Jump and his family [10]. Yank's Domain: A nearly formless realm that is the home of the sadistic dentist known as Dr. Other residents include a sentient dentists chair and an analogue of Jimmy's mother Mary Jankovicks [11]. Valley of the Enchanted Forest: Home of Princess Pam and her kingdom of people who dwell in the trees. These people live in a society inspired by medieval times and are ruled by a monarchy and protected by knights. The knights joust on the back of turtles. Dangers in this realm include the Wild Toad Men and packs of savage wolves [12].

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Realm of the Fairies: Apparently unaffiliated with the Valley of the Fairies, this realm is ruled by King Ra who rules over a class of fairies, including the Blue Fairy and Fairy Delight. Other citizens include Knobby the sentient puppet, Zar the evil wizard , and the Three Witches.

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Lizards are able to talk and communicate in this realm. Locations in this realm include: The Wood of the Cursed, a haunted forest full of spirits; The Candy Gardens, where candy grows on trees; The Field of Blue Bells, whose melodic bell flowers can enchant people for eternity; Chinatown a land where everyone is made of fine china; the Plush Forest where animals are giant sentient stuffed animals; and the Land of Dreams where people line up to get dreams that grow on trees.

Each nigh the Sandman puts a blanket over the realm putting everyone to sleep. Those who had not collected a dream would be put into an eternal sleep [13] [14] [14] [15].

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The Realm of Eenie-Meenie: Eenie-Meenie was a wish giver who created a world where Jimmy played with an analogue of Sidney, a young boy who immigrated to the United States from Britain whom Jimmy wished to be friends. This realm consisted of a massive field and a pond of water. There was a bull that terrorized this realm as well [16]. Land of Rubber: The Land of Rubber was made entirely out of rubber. It was home of the Rubber People who lived in a town and were ruled by Mayor Bounce, a sentient rubber water bottle.

This land was influenced by the rubber rationing that occurred during World War II. As such, the Rubber People adopted a custom wherein they constructed a "Concentration Camp" where members of their society were locked up whenever humans on Earth refused to donate their rubber items to the war effort. A second bullet slapped into a tree trunk just behind me, sending a shower of bark over our heads.

Alice and Irina screamed and went down on their bellies, and Agnes crawled over to my side. I had him crunched down under me and I could feel the sobs shake his body. I looked up to my right at the sound of a bolt snapping and saw that Noah was aiming to return fire. Then something seized me from the inside-out, like a hand reaching out from my heart, slowly lifting me out of the trench.

Don't shoot. I know my legs must have been moving, my hands grasping roots and vines to get out, but I felt none of it. What I felt was lifted and set on the ground, January moonlight on my shoulders. I had my hands out. My fingers were fluttering now and it felt as if lightning were passing from one hand to the other.

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You killed our dogs. If you do, the last trade will be your own soul. I heard only my own small voice trapped inside the cage of my chest. I saw this in their eyes.