Mary Tudor: The First Queen

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And her vision of a Catholic England restored to its rightful place at the heart of Europe was a noble one. She bequeathed to the sister she so detested a realm that she did not understand, but which, in her courage and determination, she had worked hard to rule and to make a better place.

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Dr Linda Porter has a B. Phil from the University of York, where she studied under the direction of two inspirational professors, Gerald Aylmer and Gwyn A.

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  • She spent nearly ten years lecturing in New York, at Fordham and City Universities among others, before returning with her American husband and daughter to England, where she embarked on a complete change of career. More about Linda Porter. Royal Renegades. Reviews of Mary Tudor. This book dispels many popular conceptions about Mary Tudor, the first woman to rule England in her own right.

    Educated to be a queen, her vision of England and its place in Europe has long been misunderstood. She learned politics in a hard school and, far from being easily-led, had a strong will and a noble vision for her country as a key player in a revitalised Catholic Europe. Her own personal religion was a straightforward but deeply-rooted observance of the traditional Catholic Mass. The burning of heretics, still the only aspect of her life that is well-known, met with little criticism at the time.

    The epithet "Bloody Mary" was coined well after her death by Elizabethan propagandists.

    From Mary Tudor to Elizabeth II, the Ruthless Power of England’s Queens

    The real Mary Tudor had many endearing personal qualities and talents. She was a competent Latin scholar and outstandingly talented musician.

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    Her love of dancing was matched by a keen eye for the latest fashions and the sumptuous clothes that went with them. Only gambling was, for her, a greater passion.

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    But Mary was not merely frivolous. She was a caring employer and loyal friend. Until the end of her father's reign, when circumstances and intrigue drove them apart, she was a loving sister to Edward and Elizabeth.

    Mary Tudor: the first queen of england