High Voltage and Electrical Insulation Engineering (IEEE Press Series on Power Engineering)

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Bessedik SA, Hadi H. Dynamic arc model of the flashover of the polluted insulators. Cancun, Mexico ;— DOI: Study of the pollution effect on the high voltage of the cap and pin L insulator using Comsol multiphysics. Study of the dielectric behaviour of non-uniformly polluted insulators.

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Terrab H, Bayadi A. Experimental study using design of experiment of pollution layer effect on insulator performance taking into account the presence of dry bands. Gencoglu MT, Cebeci M. Computation of AC flashover voltage of polluted HV insulators using a dynamic arc model.

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European Transactions On Electrical Power, ; 19 5 — A study on leakage current characteristics of polymeric insulator for diffrent pollution layers. Influence of sugar as a contaminant on outdoor insulation characteristics of insulators in a substation. The performance of insulators at extra and ultra high voltage in a coastal environment. Field and laboratory tests for the proper dimensioning of insulators exposed to salt pollution. The performance of high voltage transmission lines epoxy resin insulators under desert pollution conditions.

El-Arabaty A, Nosseir A. Selection of insulators suitable for operation in contaminated environments with reference to desert conditions.

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Pollution performance of high voltage insulator strings in a desert environment. The tests and investigations on naturally polluted insulators and their application to insulation design for polluted areas. Aydogmus Z, Cebeci M. A new flashover dynamic model of polluted HV insulators. Bessedik SA. Computation of electric fields and potential on polluted insulators using a boundary element method. Hartings R. Electric fields along a post insulator: Ac-measurements and calculations.

El-Kishky H, Gorur R. Electric potential and field computation along AC HV insulators. Volat C, Farzaneh M. Three-dimensional modeling of potential and electric-field distributions along an EHV ceramic post insulator covered with ice-part i:simulations of a melting period. Andrew J. Electric fields on AC composite transmission line insulators.

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Potential and electric-field calculation along an ice-covered composite insulator with finite-element method. Arora R, Mosch W. High voltage insulation engineering. Wiley-IEEE press series on power engineering. First Edition. Admittedly, the concepts mentioned in this paper are simply promising candidates for restraint of the analogous ineffective region in dielectric materials. It should be noted that, during operation, the load of the energy transmission system suffers from daily variations that may result in temperature shifts in the HV conductors.

During this process, the charge migration behaviour can be changed with respect to these temperature fluctuations and may lead to different charge distributions when compared with the distribution that occurs under stable temperature conditions. In addition, the corona that occurred at the triple junction of the ground electrode also introduces heat and increased numbers of charges to the bulk and the surface of the dielectrics, which increases the difficulty of charge migration investigations.

Apart from these aspects, considerable work remains to be done as part of the fundamental research in this field. The experimental samples were epoxy resins blended with The epoxy resins, the hardener and the powder were all purchased from Huntsman Advanced Materials and were mixed with a weight ratio of under vacuum conditions before being poured into the mould.

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The samples with dimensions of 0. Two cube heaters were fixed such that they adhered closely under the alumina electrodes on both sides of the sample seat, with one cube heater connected to the water circulation pump and the other connected to the oil circulation pump. A schematic diagram of the temperature gradient at each level is shown in Fig.

The surface potential distribution is measured using a Kelvin-type probe Trek B-5C linked to an electrostatic voltmeter Trek A schematic illustration of the potential detection system is shown in Fig. Ten samples were prepared for the tests under each temperature with the surface flashover voltage being recorded for each, and the average value is then calculated to be used as the final value.

The pure anhydrous ethanol The temperature distributions of the experimental samples were measured using an infrared thermal imager Fluke Ti The space charge measurements were carried out using the Pulsed Electroacoustic PEA measurement system.

High-Voltage Test for Insulators

Calibration for overshoot due to the nonlinear phase distortion was completed by the signal processing. In addition, the calibration for attenuation was finished to obtain the accurate information of the space charge profiles. The diagrammatic sketch of the PEA system is shown in Fig. The charge injection amount in the samples can be calculated based on the charge density distribution according to.

De Lorenzi, A. IEEE Trans.

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Chakir, A. Long term test of buried gas insulated transmission lines GIL. Enloe, C. Microscopic and macroscopic material property effects on ultraviolet-laser-induced flashover of angled insulators in vacuum. Plasma Sci. Gong, H.

New observation of trapped charge transportation on circularly bound polymethylmethacrylate surface. Volpov, E. HVDC gas insulated apparatus: electric field specificity and insulation design concept.

IEEE Electr. Lehr, M. Magnetic-field effects on vacuum insulator flashover. Gurevich, E. Role of surface charges in dc gas-discharge systems with high-ohmic electrodes. Zhang, Z. DC surface flashover characteristics of polyimide in vacuum under electron beam irradiation.

A semiquantitative treatment of surface charges in dc circuits. Li, S.

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Douar, M. Degradation of various polymeric materials in clean and salt fog conditions: measurements of AC flashover voltage and assessment of surface damages. Taheri, S. Equivalent surface conductivity of ice accumulated on insulators during development of AC and DC flashovers arcs. Qi, B.