Conflict and a Christian Life: Spirituality, Ministry & Community

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Successful husbands and wives understand this. They prioritize communication and approach it as a process involving openness, empathy, and a deep heart-connection. They are quick to listen and slow to speak James Couples who go the distance recognize that spousal conflict is inevitable.

Defending Your Faith In Spiritual Conflict - Follow Jesus' Example - 4word

They know that the secret of their success lies in the way they handle this conflict, and they embrace the concept that God uses this bumping and jarring to cause them to grow Proverbs They keep short accounts and never let the sun go down on their anger Ephesians Thriving couples are intentional about spending enjoyable time together Philippians They build their relationship upon a foundation of shared values, interests, and goals. They schedule regular date nights and outings and develop meaningful traditions and family rituals.

They also know how to maintain a healthy balance between togetherness and independence. Successful marriages are made up of two people who intentionally treasure and honor one another. They do this by keeping a conscious account of the things they value about each other. Couples with vibrant relationships find ways to resolve the issue of male and female roles between themselves with Scripture as their guide.

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They talk openly about their expectations and personal preferences and hammer out a God-honoring plan that preserves fairness and equity in the way it divides household tasks and responsibilities. Thriving couples regularly celebrate their marriage with passionate sexual intimacy. At the same time, they never lose sight of the fact that sex is not the only element of a vibrant marital relationship. They understand that satisfying physical intimacy also includes plenty of affection, tenderness, warmth, and physical touch as well.

Note to mentors: Some couples will feel comfortable sharing freely around this topic, others will not. We suggest checking with your mentoree couple at the outset to determine whether it would be an appropriate subject for discussion. If they would prefer to skip this one, simply move on to the next topic. In all kinds of adversity, they take pains to anchor their marriage to the Solid Rock of faith in Jesus Christ. Healthy husbands and wives realize that they need other people and other people need them. They are intentional about connecting regularly with other like-minded couples.

They stay engaged with nurturing communities of all kinds and make a special point of maintaining an active involvement in the local church, where they have many opportunities to give and receive spiritual support Galatians A thriving marriage is made up of two thriving individuals. It can only be as strong as its component parts — namely, husband and wife. Common sense itself suggests that healthy relationships emerge when healthy people come together in a healthy, positive way. All rights reserved.

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What makes marriage unique and different from any other human relationship? Where do you see yourselves in five years? Ten years? Do you get angry?

Run home to mother? Blame one another? Or do you look for ways to solve the problem and move forward? Did you see lifelong commitment modeled in your family of origin? How has your experience affected your view of this concept? If so, how? S hared Spiritual Intimacy Thriving couples have a deep, shared faith. Would you say that your relationship is solidly grounded on the foundation of your faith in Jesus Christ?

Why or why not? How does the belief that He is present shape your interactions with one another? What do you do differently as a couple because of your Christian faith? Do you pray together as a couple?

Study the Bible? Meet with other believers? Do you think that activities of this kind have an important impact on the quality of your relationship? Have you shared with your spouse how you came to know the Lord? Do you regularly talk with each other about the things you are learning on your spiritual journey? Efforts at reform had already begun with the Oratory of Divine Love in Genoa in The strict order of the Theatines was founded in and made significant efforts at the reform of the parish clergy. The Capuchins were founded in Italy in to restore the Franciscan Order to its original ideals.

Ignatius of Loyola began the Jesuit Order in Spiritual enrichment was kindled through the Spanish mystics St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross. The Council of Trent marked an important turning point for the Catholic Church, for it provided clarity on the beliefs of the Church, and ecclesiastical discipline was restored.

The doctrines established at Trent persist to this day. The Council addressed three areas: doctrine, discipline, and devotion. Seven major areas were included in doctrine: that our justification was not just by faith alone, but also by hope and charity expressed in good works in cooperation with God's grace. Both Tradition and Scripture were essential to the faith.

Conflict resolution and reconciliation within congregations

The Latin Vulgate Bible was promoted as the only canonical Scripture. There was a clear definition of the seven sacraments. The Mass, known as the Tridentine Mass, was given strict form and was celebrated only in Latin. The Latin Tridentine Mass provided unity for the universal Church, for it was the same Mass in every place and time.

Discipline involved strict reform and the establishment of the seminary system for the proper and uniform training of priests. The office of indulgence seller was abolished, and doctrine on indulgences was clarified. A Bishop was allowed only one diocese and residence was required, begun by the reformer St.

Charles Borromeo of Milan. Catholic Missionaries accompanied the explorers on their journeys, such as Christopher Columbus in , the Portuguese Vasco da Gama to Goa, India in , and Ferdinand Magellan to the Philippines in Francis Xavier exemplified the missionary movement, and has been recognized as second only to the Apostle Paul in his evangelical efforts.

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The patron saint of missionaries, Francis Xavier sailed from Lisbon, Portugal and landed in Goa in His humble way had great impact on the local people, and he trained the young in the Ten Commandments and the Lord's Prayer. He was soon reported to have baptized 10, a month. He then headed to Cape Comorin, the southern tip of India, where he made many conversions of the fishermen there.

Andres de Urdaneta and the Augustinian monks sailed to Cebu, Philippines in He was a self-sacrificing man dedicated to protecting the natives, and received the name Motolinia for his life of poverty. He recorded in his book History of the Indians of New Spain the dramatic conversions following the appearances of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Dominican Bartholomew de Las Casas first went to the West Indies in as a soldier, but on viewing the horrendous enslavement of the native Indians through the Spanish encomienda system, was ordained as a Dominican priest in , the first ordination in America.

In his role as human rights advocate for the Indians, he is considered an early pioneer of social justice. Missionary efforts would continue to the New World for years to come.

Spiritual Conflict in Biblical Perspective 2

The history of the English Bible is intimately intertwined with the history of the Reformation. He served until his death in , when he was succeeded by his son, Charles I. It was a time when the English language reached its greatest expression in the works of William Shakespeare and the King James Bible. King James as head of the Church of England commissioned a group of bishops and scholars to establish an authoritative translation of the Bible from the original languages into English in There were several English versions available, either as translations of the Latin Vulgate or from the Greek-Latin parallel New Testament of Erasmus; the ones that follow influenced the King James scholars.

John Wycliffe produced a hand-written English translation of the Latin Vulgate in His colleague, Miles Coverdale, completed Tyndale's work, which formed the basis for the Great Bible , the first authorized Bible in English, which was placed in every church in England. When the Catholic Queen Mary came to the throne in , further work had to be done on the European continent, and the Geneva Bible, the first to have numbered verses, was published in The King James Bible originally included the Apocrypha but in a separate section.

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A literary masterpiece of the English language, the King James Bible is still in use today. Christopher Columbus reached America in the Bahamas on October 12, Following the discovery of Florida by Ponce de Leon in , St. Augustine, Florida became the first permanent European settlement in North America in , from which missionaries spread Catholicism to the Native American Indians.

Augustine, Florida. Spanish explorations extended as far as Santa Fe, New Mexico, established in A wave of explorations to the New World continued. Samuel de Champlain explored the St. Christianity continued to thrive in the New World as our young Nation developed. Four of the original 13 English colonies were specifically chartered for religious freedom, as a refuge from religious persecution in England at the time. The settlers soon enacted the Toleration Act of Maryland and founded St.