Bridal Ballad

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At age six, Poe went to England with the Allans and was enrolled in schools there. After he returned with the Allans to the U. Military Academy, but did not complete studies at either school. After beginning his literary career as a poet and prose writer, he married his young cousin, Virginia Clemm. He worked for several magazines and joined the staff of the New York Mirror newspaper in All the while, he was battling a drinking problem. Besides pioneering the development of the short story, Poe invented the format for the detective story as we know it today.

He also was an outstanding literary critic.

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Despite the acclaim he received, he was never really happy because of his drinking and because of the deaths of several people close to him, including his wife in He frequently had trouble paying his debts. It is believed that heavy drinking was a contributing cause of his death in Baltimore on October 7, Study Questions and Writing Topics. Cummings Study Guide. More Info. All rights reserved.

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Bridal Ballad - Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Who Is D'Elormie? Figures of Speech. Study Questions. Writing Topics. The last stanza really just reflects the brides feeling and emotions after the wedding.

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She realizes how unhappy she is and deeply regrets what she has done. She realizes she had abandoned the memory of her true love which died in battle. My opinion of the poem is that I thought it was written very well, and it was written about something that many brides may endure before they go and get married. I think Poe was trying to express the idea that not even a ring or a wedding can really bind two people together. Love is what truly gives a wedding band its meaning, it has nothing to do with the materialistic aspect of that.

I thought this was a very good poem and I mostly choose it because its applicable to scenarios there are today in life.

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Edgar Allan Poe

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. However, the brides happiness is not completely pure. As the poem progresses through five stanzas, it becomes darker and darker. In the first stanza, Poe focuses on the superficial happiness of the bride. The speaker points out that there is a ring on her finger, she is wearing a wedding wreath, and dressed to the nines.

She makes the perfect picture of a happy bride. In the second stanza, she starts s h owing signs of unexplained guilt. Now, I originally thought this meant she was thrilled by his declaration of love. It can be assumed that the dead lover is happy because the bride is feeling guilty for marrying another man, thus he is not forgotten in her heart. This line, thought by the bride, could mean she sees her new groom as her dead lover, or, it could mean that she is leaving the dead to the past.

Looking at stanza four, it is my best guess to say that the second interpretation is the true one.